Medical Astrology

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Kindly go through these 'RULES' before making any payment!

The health problems you are prone to "astrologically" - 180 USDs
The planets say it all definitely! If you are a believer and if you think that life is destined, then get to know the possible health problems you are prone to astrologically. This knowledge surely will help you to change your lifestyle to acquire a healthy body and mind.

Remedies for your existing health problems - 297 USDs

I 'DON'T' promise to cure 'ALL' the diseases. But my astrological report will surely guide you to decrease your sufferings with the help of ancient wisdom. Get to know the astrological remedies for your existing health problems.

Yearly health report - 234 USDs

Will the next 12 months lead to increase in medical expenses? Are you prone to any health problems in the coming year? Know it all before it happens! Get a detailed yearly report about your health, and also about your close ones - father, mother, children, siblings and friends - if you need!

Your 'EXACT' life span - 360 USDs

WARNING - This service isn't for the faint hearted.

To know when exactly one dies is a blessing for few and a curse for many. If you want to know when exactly you will pop off or when exactly your father, mother, siblings or any other relatives would leave the planet - then you can go in for this service at your discretion!

PS - This particular knowledge can help you configure your existing life differently!


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