Will Satya Sai Baba live till 96?

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Once my teacher took me to meet a not-so famous and a not-so luxurious saint. We were sitting in his presence, and the saint suddenly said - he might leave his body soon. And my teacher with a challenging tone said - you won't, don't worry! I was a bit zapped. I always thought saints know everything about themselves and they can leave their body whenever they want. But it was through my teacher I understood that - even saints have their charts/horoscopes, and even their lives unfold only according to the planetary positions and planetary motions!

I had Satya Sai Baba's darshan for the first time in February 2006, and I had blogged about it then -





In that blog at the end, I had added -  "For me, darshan of His Holiness Shri Satya Sai Baba was an out of the world experience. And it was like one of my dreams coming true after a decade! Looking at Baba, I honestly don't think He will survive for long now. He might kick his skeletal frame any time, so if you have any plans to see him in person - don't wait, make it fast!"


I got a couple of mails from Sai bhakts then, and later I confirmed too that Satya Sai Baba long back has announced that he will leave his body only when he is 96. And Baba has also spoken about his next avatar and given an outline about how he will look.  


Just this week Satya Sai Baba celebrated his 85th birthday, and he looked a lot weaker. His health am sure is deteriorating, and astrologically I am sure it is impossible for him to remain alive till 96 - that is another 11 years!


I will give the astrological reasoning behind my prediction some day later....





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