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After ages I have integrated a payment gateway for Indian clients. Now Indians can easily use their Credit Cards, Debit Cards and also Net Banking to make the payment for all my services. Visit my store and if you have any doubts or need any clarifications, as always drop me a mail at or drop me a line in Skype Chat - the ID is the same

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Made some changes to 'My Contact' page

I find phone calls very irritating. I hate to pick up calls when I am in the middle of a consultation, or when I am having a good time with my friends and family members. So, I am sorry I won't be providing my phone number to you. You can get in touch with me in various other ways.

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Does your soul know your destiny?

In solitude, since I was a child whenever I closed my eyes and just breathed - I could feel only two things resonating strongly inside me - God and Movies. Nowhere could I see myself as a corporate guy or a successful businessman. Although my father - an amateur astrologer - told me once when I was 8 years old that the lines on my palm indicated a career related to writing, I never could fix the puzzle correctly, and personally I never could find a role model or someone who has clubbed the three - God, Movies and Writing - efficiently to make a living.

Things that keep me going as an astrologer!

Dear Mr. Kennedi,

Your predictions seem to have an uncanny way of coming true. All your predictions between 2014 - till today came true. No exceptions.


Kamalesh 13th January, 2017

Why I support 'Chinna' Amma!

When J Jayalalitha was asked about the successor of AIADMK when there seemed no probable leader after her, she had beautifully replied - 'when there is a need, the leader will emerge.' And she was right.

2017 customized predictions!

I am sure my 2016 free predictions were in synch with what manifested in your life last year. This year I am sorry to say that I won't be providing free yearly predictions. Instead I will be concentrating only on Customized Predictions. The 2017 customized yearly prediction will include effect of Saturn Transit, Jupiter Transit and also Rahu/Ketu transits on your life. Here it is...

Why Rs 500 and Rs 1000 were demonetized?


Got an answer finally sitting in the bathroom....

- Pakistan wants Kashmir.
- Pakistan sponsors terrorism in India.
- Pakistan prints Rs 500 and Rs 1000 in Pakistan and sends it to India for terrorism, which becomes valid in India.
- India comes to know about this and has a knee jerk.
- India cannot accept this fact on television or reveal to the people of India who voted for them.
- India knows that people can be taken for a ride by telling them a lie about Black Money.
- Indians are happy about a false hope of a better tomorrow.
- India hurries to print new Rs 2000 notes. It prints Rs 2000 in such a hurry that it didn't have time to check if it is ATM compatible.
- Indians are busy talking about Black Money and its eradication, while the truth is the whole episode was done to stop counterfeit currency that would help Pakistan to attack India and take Kashmir.

The puzzle fixes perfectly now I guess..

Saturn Transit 2016

For customized and detailed Saturn Transit 2016 predictions Click Here

Just venting out my feelings!

Motherfucker, asshole, bitch, horny, whore, dickhead...well these are a couple of holy words I hear everyday in the community I live in. No, I am not referring to the adults of our building. I am talking about kids aged between 8 and 16 using them as if these words were taught to them by their educated parents while they were still in their womb. Of course I am not saying I as a teenager never used abusive words. I did, but I never remember a day when I used them in a way that was audible to any adult or women around me. Even today, I do. I use profanity to the core - but I see to it no kids ever hear them.

How to deal with online abuse!

WARNING - Children below the age of 8 and pious women kindly refrain from reading further.

No, my website isn't hacked, I just wanted to share some free gyaan with the world after a long time today.

More than writing, I am a bit active on my Youtube Channel these days as I enjoy playing around making videos with my iPhone, Canon DSLR and Macbook Pro, and someone got jealous right from tip of his head to his asshole. Here is what he put up as comments under one of the videos on YouTube...

Comment 1

'You failed in flying drones and you cheat us of money faking as astrologer, you charged me $225 and asked to pay $180 again as return customer for asking to clarify why none of your predictions come true since 2013, you are a cheat shameless person who is running a business cheating people.'

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