Lift - a short Tamil movie

Here is a short Tamil movie, which I made completely using my iPhone. People who don't understand 'Tamil' can click on the CC button on Youtube to watch it along with English subtitles.

Black Magic - the necessary evil! - Part 1

The laws of a country or a particular system changes with time, leadership and education, but the laws of any religion doesn't change with time. It remains eternal and the secrets of the art open up only to those who seek sincerely. Black magic is one of them. The logic behind Black Magic is simple - if prayers can heal people, curse can make people suffer. If positive thinking can bring positive changes in thyself and others then negative thinking does bring negative changes in self and others.

I finally watched PK!

I usually don't watch movies that mock any religion or any God. I never wanted to watch PK for the same reason, but then God had different plans for me. 'HE' made me win free tickets through one of the ticket raffles, and the only movie that was available was PK. I don't have any problems, spending 3 hours in a a/c auditorium munching my pop corn and sipping my Coke, watching any movie if the tickets are free. And incidentally I liked the movie PK.

2015 yearly predictions for you!

I am sure my yearly predictions based on Lagna (Ascendant) for the year 2014 were in synch with what manifested in your life last year. If not, then there is no point reading any further - my 2015 predictions won't suit you either. In that case you better refer to some other website or consult some other astrologer to guide you in the coming year.

Saturn Transit 2014 predictions for you

Starting September 2014 major important events would have started taking place in your life. The jobless would have got a new job, the singles would have got their marriage fixed, many would have changed their houses/country, and many would have changed their jobs or will be in the process of joining a new one. On the negative side - a lot of people would have got laid off or will be in the process of being sacked. Well these changes are due to a very important planetary transit that takes place in the month of November 2014 - the Saturn Transit (also known as Shani Payerchi down South India) - which surely will impact all the lives positively or negatively depending upon their individual Lagna or Ascendant.

10 years a profe$$ional astrologer - part 1

This August I completed 10 years of being a profe$$ional astrologer. Had I not taken up astrology as my profe$$ion a decade back, I surely would have been a Vice President or some President in one of the corporate firms or some dot com. Well all my colleagues and even my juniors head corporate firms today and they indeed have successfully climbed the corporate ladder. Not that I never wanted to, just that I found myself a complete misfit among manipulative human beings.

Rahu and Ketu Transit 2014 Predictions

Two important planets, Rahu and Ketu, will be move and stay in Kanya Rasi and Meena Rasi respectively in the period between July 2014 and December 2015. When compared to Saturn Transit and Jupiter Transit, this particular transit is not very crucial - but then it will have its own small influence on human lives. The predictions done are based upon your Ascendant and 'NOT' based on your Moon sign or the Western Sun sign.

The power to know things beforehand

I was a retard till the year 2002. Had I known the secrets of life in my formative years, I would have been a completely different person by now. My brains started functioning only post 2002, and I need to thank God that it at least started functioning by that year or else I would have died a retard. I am not talking about astrology or astrological predictions here. I am talking about few people's unique ability to understand the unfolding of events beforehand.

In Malaysia for a week...

I am in Malaysia between 30th May, 2014 and 5th June, 2014 for couple of Vaasthu readings. If anyone would want to meet me for Vedic Astrological consultations to know your past, present and future then drop me a mail at - we surely will meet up.

Why men will become eunuchs soon

Long back - one of my friends, a girl, asked me what kind of wife do you expect in your life? I said, I will marry someone who will cook good food for me, wash my clothes properly, keep my house clean, and raise my children with love and discipline. She got a bit offended. She said, your wife isn't your maid. I replied I don't want my wife to be a maid rather I would want my maid to be my wife. She had nothing to speak. She is 45 years old now - still single, travelling across the globe alone, and being fucked by strangers wherever she meets. Whoever told her taking care of a man/husband is equivalent to being a maid!

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