2016 yearly predictions for you!

Firstly I wish each one of my friends, clients and foes a very Happy Deepavali and a prosperous New Year. Time indeed flies, and here I am back once again - probably one year older and wiser - with your predictions for the coming year.

I am sure by now my regular readers know that my predictions are based upon Lagna (Ascendant) and not on Sun Sign or Moon Sign (Rashi). If you are new to this page please read the prediction adjacent to your Lagna and NOT Sun sign or Moon Sign.

And here is a Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V content from last year's post -

Points to note -

- All the major transits are taken into consideration while making the predictions.
- Don't be too demanding in getting 100 per cent accuracy in 'free' general predictions.
- For 99 per cent accurate predictions there is no way other than to spend some hard earned money and get your customized report done based on your date, place and time of birth.

Beef Ban!!

Let us get a few basics right -

*Cows give milk
*Human beings breed cows to get milk from them and the milk is sold later
*In the process of breeding cows even bulls are born which cannot be milked

What 'exactly' do I do?

It is quite weird and unfortunate that after 13 years of existence as a professional astrologer I have to write this particular blog. In real life when I meet people, I usually don't announce that I am an astrologer as it leads to unnecessary arguments, which I hate to have. Also when specifically asked, I reveal the truth only to a selected few - or else I escape saying I am a writer to maintain peace and harmony. Of the selected few to whom I am honest about my profession - I noticed something strange and hence the blog.

God sponsors my Europe Trip

I will be spending a couple of weeks in Europe for both pleasure and work. If any of you want to catch up with me in person for a casual meet or a face-to-face astrological consultation, do drop me a mail. We shall meet up.

God Bless All

Jupiter Transit 2015 predictions!

If you have been seeing a lot of packers and movers around, or witnessing someone new moving into your neighbourhood, or learnt about someone's death or sudden ill health recently - then it is all because of the planet Jupiter transiting into the zodiac of Simha (Leo) in the month of July 2015. Jupiter will continue to stay in Simha till July 2016 and it will lead to various 'important' changes in individuals' lives depending upon their respective Lagnas (Ascendants).

Kindly Note - the predictions provided are based upon Lagnas and 'NOT' Moon sign or Sun sign.

Black Magic - the necessary evil! - Part 2

Black Magic is done on two levels - the physical level and the astral level. Astral level in the one where pranic healing, Reiki, prayers, and meditation work. I am not going to discuss about how Black Magic is done on the astral level here - let me keep that a secret for now. Black Magic on the physical level is easily understandable and very easy to do.

Lift - a short Tamil movie

Here is a short Tamil movie, which I made completely using my iPhone. People who don't understand 'Tamil' can click on the CC button on Youtube to watch it along with English subtitles.

Black Magic - the necessary evil! - Part 1

The laws of a country or a particular system changes with time, leadership and education, but the laws of any religion doesn't change with time. It remains eternal and the secrets of the art open up only to those who seek sincerely. Black magic is one of them. The logic behind Black Magic is simple - if prayers can heal people, curse can make people suffer. If positive thinking can bring positive changes in thyself and others then negative thinking does bring negative changes in self and others.

I finally watched PK!

I usually don't watch movies that mock any religion or any God. I never wanted to watch PK for the same reason, but then God had different plans for me. 'HE' made me win free tickets through one of the ticket raffles, and the only movie that was available was PK. I don't have any problems, spending 3 hours in a a/c auditorium munching my pop corn and sipping my Coke, watching any movie if the tickets are free. And incidentally I liked the movie PK.

2015 yearly predictions for you!

I am sure my yearly predictions based on Lagna (Ascendant) for the year 2014 were in synch with what manifested in your life last year. If not, then there is no point reading any further - my 2015 predictions won't suit you either. In that case you better refer to some other website or consult some other astrologer to guide you in the coming year.

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