Questioner: Sadhguru, why are women not being allowed into certain temples? For example, now with the Shani temple. Why this discrimination?

Sadhguru: At Linga Bhairavi, men are not allowed to enter the sanctum sanctorum, but they never protest. They are married and domesticated - they have been trained not to protest against anything (laughter).

Don't play with the esoteric!

Religion and spirituality are the only 2 subjects where every asshole thinks he has enough knowledge about. Being born into a religion or getting baptised within a month of your birth doesn't make you a religious person. The smallest of subject needs hours of effort, focus, reading and sadhanas to understand it and to apply it correctly. Looking at a cobbler working, it might seem very easy to stitch a meagre thin g like a footwear - just try doing it yourself and you will know where all it probably can bleed while you succeed in putting the first knot.

When someone says I am 'UNAFFORDABLE'!

Out of all the inquiries I receive on an everyday basis for astrological consultations close to 30 per cent doesn't convert into business. Once I reply to them with the list of services along with the service charges, they either don't revert or they mail me back saying my charges are too high and they cannot afford me. Of course the very communication won't be necessary had people dropped me a mail after going through the service charges first. But then I don't expect that anymore as we don't live in an ideal world.

Enna 'pundaiku' love panrom?!

I know for all those Tamil readers the heading sounds a bit vulgar. And especially for Tamil women, it might sound derogatory. The heading essentially means, why the pussy do we fall in love. Or, why the fuck should we fall in love. Oh well it sounds more classy and elite now when the same thoughts are expressed in English rather than our regional language. Dear Americans please invent some profane words for people living in India, and kindly export them ASAP so that we can use them in our daily lives and also in our movies - as regional profanity is not accepted by the super sensitive Indians, the Censor board (10 people who decide what the rest of the 1.5 billion population should see or hear on the silver screen), the religious outfits, the women's association, and also the legal system in India.

Did some cleaning on Facebook!

I split my personality this week. I had one facebook ID for all, and for a couple of years I was completely inactive on it. Yeah, I was a bit upset about comments made by people who neither were my friends nor my clients. They were just people who sent me friend request because he/she happens to be a mutual friend of someone whom I know. Well I decided to get active on FB with couple of simple steps. Here they are...

I have been providing FREE 'general' yearly predictions based on Lagnas (Ascendant) for almost a decade now (here is the URL). This year I wasn't in a mood to provide the same. But then I got many mails from my regular readers saying they were disappointed for not getting to read their general yearly predictions this year. I got an idea to elevate my mood. Just share my website on your Facebook page, and mail me the page where you have shared it with your Lagna (Ascendant) at and you will receive the free GENERAL 2016 yearly predictions in your inbox.

Here is the sample of what you will get. Mesha Lagna people need not take the effort to share, as the predictions were already done -

I am a proud non-vegetarian!

I am a Hindu. I am not a Buddhist, I am not a Jain, and I am not a Brahmin either. My lineage existed even before these people came to my land with their own philosophies. Unlike the other systems, Hinduism was never about peace or harmony or forgiveness. It was always about 'dharma' winning over 'adharma' - come what may. And the two greatest epics of Hinduism - Ramayana and Mahabharata - never spoke about being a loser or to forgive the one who inflicted pain on you. Lord Rama killed Ravana for kidnapping his wife, and Lord Krishna killed the whole of Kaurava clan for fights over a piece of land.

I support 'Jallikattu'

This by far is one of the best content published by anyone on 'Jallikattu'. I don't know what the fuck PETA is. I am a Tamil, I support Tamil culture, and I will support 'Jallikattu'.

Why are so many Tamilians blatantly supporting Jallikattu? Click Here

Ban on astrology!

A very good Indian breed of bull was exported to Brazil. The Brazilians improved the breed with good food, good medical assistance, and made the bull of so superior quality that Indians are now importing the semen at a very high price to impregnate the female counterparts in India. Let me start from the beginning. A very good 'Indian' breed of bull...(I won't say the name of the breed here. You can either sit in front of the computer and Google for the name. OR move your ass and take some effort in meeting a cow expert to get the answer).

What keeps me going....

Me - Good things on career front will manifest only in the later months of year 2015 and early months of year 2016. Hence the direct answer to your query is - he will get a job, which pays well only in the later months of year 2015 and early months of year 2016.
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